The bloom of time
AYA-watch-Download-Files can change your feeling of time!
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AYA-watch Wallpaper

Wallpaper »Seraphim« 1280 x 1024
»Sail my wings«

Wallpaper »veiled« 1280 x 1024

Wallpaper »tallyman« 1024 x 768
»You can count on me«

Wallpaper »sphere« 1024 x 768
»Sphere of time«

Wallpaper »surprised« 1024 x 768
»Me myself & eye are surprised«

Wallpaper »spiral« 1024 x 768
»eye am what eye am«

overview designs

Temperaments: dry, cold, wet, hot
Dimensions: abstracta, concreta, emotional, analytic

AYA-watch - temperaments of time